Christophe Monigadon is CISO/CSO at Visana Services AG. With his extensive experience and expertise, Christophe firmly believes that humans are not the weakest link in cybersecurity. He recognizes the importance of implementing robust security measures, raising awareness, and providing comprehensive training to turn individuals into resilient defenders against cyber threats.
Throughout his career, Christophe has held pivotal roles within esteemed organizations such as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, the Berner Kantonalbank, and the NCSC-CH (National Cyber Security Centre). At these institutions, he demonstrated his adeptness in navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity, contributing significantly to regulatory compliance, data protection, and threat mitigation efforts.
Christophe’s multifaceted background in Information Technology and Information Security grants him a distinctive viewpoint in tackling the ever-evolving challenges posed by cyber threats. He remains steadfast in his commitment to fostering a culture of cybersecurity resilience and enabling individuals and organizations to proactively thwart cyberattacks.