Clara-Ann Gordon is an expert in IT and data protection law relating to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. She is responsible for the overall management of teams of up to 50 experts for IPOs, M&As, spin-offs, joint ventures, internal investigations, compliance, and contract negotiations in all industry sectors with a focus on information and communications technology (ICT). Gordon has advised board members and executives (management) for 20 years on compliance and best practices, provided insight to boards of directors as an external legal advisor, and provided legal advice to listed companies as well as SMEs and start-ups in various industry sectors on complex compliance, IT and data protection issues. She has become something of a sparring partner for CEOs, CIOs, board members, and management on compliance and data protection issues, crisis management for cyber-attacks regarding data protection/compliance, and coordination with IT departments. She is the chair of various expert committees in the area of ICT, and compliance as president or a committee member. Gordon has networked with authorities such as FINMA, OFCOM, FDPIC, and SECO and has been a speaker at multiple prestigious national and international conferences.