Jerry is the founder of Gryphon X, a boutique risk management consulting firm. Jerry is a five-time executive level CISO/CSO with over 20 years of cybersecurity experience. Jerry is an internationally sought after speaker, author, and former NASA CIO and global CISO, whose experience has notably influenced cybersecurity across the aerospace & astronautics, utilities, healthcare, tech, finance, education, semiconductor, and government sectors. Jerry is a combat decorated Marine with service as a counterintelligence specialist and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counterintelligence officer. Jerry is currently serving an appointed advisory role to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) where he sits as a current member on the Cybersecurity Safety Review Board (CSRB). Jerry is a Fellow with the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a Washington, DC think tank, which focuses on national level critical infrastructure security.