Attracting the right employees starts long before they are hired. It is quite similar to customer relationship management. With the subtle difference that it is not about generating sales, but about attracting people who will make your company more successful. Neglecting building relationships with your future employees would be like starting your customer acquisition activities only when you urgently need the revenue. By then it is too late – much too late, and you lose valuable market share. In this case, companies that tackle the issue of proactive employee acquisition early on through targeted candidate relationship management will win the best employees for themselves.

In addition to our recruiting activities which are coupled with our vacancies, we will show you how to build and maintain relationships with your future employees at an early stage. Early and vital relationships with your future top performers are the key to sustainable corporate growth. It is your employees who win over your customers and turn them into fans. We already know your future employees today and, together with you, will ensure that these individuals get to know you soon.